Facebook users reportedly encounter ‘auto friend request’ bug.

Recently, Facebook users in Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have been encountering a puzzling bug on the platform. According to reports, users have been experiencing a situation where Facebook automatically sends friend requests to individuals when someone simply visits their profiles. This unexpected behavior has raised concerns among users regarding their privacy and control over their accounts. As a result, affected users have initiated discussions and conversations to address this issue.

It is important to note that this bug appears to be limited to these specific regions and has not been reported on a global scale. Facebook’s technical team is likely investigating the matter to identify the cause and develop a solution. Users who have been affected by this issue should consider reporting the bug directly to Facebook’s support team, providing them with any relevant details that could assist in resolving the problem promptly.

Facebook has historically prioritized user privacy and security, so it is expected that they will address this bug as soon as possible. In the meantime, users are advised to review their privacy settings and exercise caution when interacting with profiles they are unfamiliar with. Regularly checking and adjusting the visibility of personal information on their Facebook accounts can also help mitigate any potential privacy concerns.

As more information becomes available regarding this issue, it is advisable for affected users to stay updated through official channels, such as Facebook’s official announcements or support pages. These channels are likely to provide guidance on how to protect user privacy and resolve any related concerns during the bug-fixing process.

Later the issue was resolved by Facebook Team !!

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