ChatGPT for Android launches next week

A few months after the introduction of its free iOS equivalent, which has already created a name for itself on iPhones and iPads, the Android version of ChatGPT is about to make its debut.

The business said in a succinct tweet that ChatGPT for Android is scheduled to arrive next week, but avoided giving a specific date by instead included a link to a preorder page on the Google Play Store. Users may sign up to have the app installed as soon as it becomes available.

The business had promised an Android version in the near future following the successful release of ChatGPT’s iOS app in May, and true to their word, it has finally been released.

For those who are impatient to access ChatGPT through an app, Microsoft’s Bing app, which has been available on both Android and iOS since February, and which makes use of its Prometheus Model and GPT-4, can be used in place of Google’s Bard chatbot, which does not have any dedicated mobile applications and instead relies on its web-based interface.

This app’s launch is timed to a drop in online traffic and app downloads for June, according to statistics from Sensor Tower and Similarweb. In addition, several users have lately complained about GPT-4, calling it “slower and dumber.” In response to these allegations, OpenAI reaffirmed its dedication to ongoing API improvements.

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