Canva is now available on ChatGPT

Canva’s features are continually being updated, and AI is being integrated onto its platform. It’s now up to ChatGPT to take things to the next level. The GPT-4 plugin shop now includes a Canva plugin, which users may use to rapidly create any design, table, graphic, or picture. The plugin includes not just photographs, but also short movies for reels.

Currently accessible only on ChatGPT Plus, the commercial version of the chatbot, the user may choose from many templates available, such as posters and flyers, and ChatGPT will produce a bespoke template with the specified content, eliminating the need for users to do it manually.

After importing an image from Canva onto the platform, users can quickly change it with the appropriate prompts, as well as port and redirect to the Canva app for additional editing. Unlike Midjourney or other text-to-picture generators, this plugin does not generate an image from scratch, but rather employs Cavnva templates to swiftly build a design requested by the user.

Canva For ChaGPT Review

Canva ups its AI game
Canva introduced a number of AI enhancements to speed up the creative process in March of this year. These tools include Text to Image, Magic Eraser (which uses AI to eliminate undesired items from photos), Magic Edit, and Translate, which converts designs into multiple languages. Furthermore, Beat Sync ensures that music and visual material are always in sync.

Canva offers other AI-driven capabilities for user convenience in addition to these AI technologies. These AI skills in design and user experience help to expedite the creative process and contribute to the production of high-quality designs.

The ChatGPT Canva plugin streamlines the design process, making it faster overall. Canva altered the game of graphic design by making tools available to everyone, but this takes it a step further by enabling for the quick development of professional designs. Users had previously discovered hacks to incorporate Canva within ChatGPT, but with this release, users may now formally link the two for their content requirements.

When it comes to ChatGPT, this plugin hints to OpenAI’s next step in making GPT-4 multimodal, something the firm has been promising for a long time.

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